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You will have earned entry into the world of superior beings. A membership grants you access to the inner workings of my process. This is where I will communicate with you privately (as members of the membership community), provide you with instrumental versions of all future releases, share works-in-progress, photos, & videos, give you a discount on merch, and share things I occasionally pull from the vault!

It's not just you paying for music. It's your support that allows me to continue making new music and getting it to you without the wait of long-form projects and endless project updates. I've previously done Kickstarter campaigns which have been reasonably successful. However, the downside of those efforts has been long waits for completed projects and my inability to focus on creating new music in the meantime.

Now you can show your support, be a part of the community of like-minded fans, and help ensure that I will continue to be able to bring you new music on a regular basis!

In addition, as a subscriber, you will receive new music ahead of everyone else and guaranteed physical copies of any future full-length releases if they are produced.

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Kielen King
Portland, Oregon
Kielen (kee-lin) King: An electronic music composer who creates compositions that often carry a dark, melodic sound which often ventures into aggressive and sinister.

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